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Children on the island of Dawahon enjoy a Thrive meal after Typhoon Aghon slams their neighborhoods.

by Thrive, Updated July 1, 2024

Typhoon Aghon (international name Ewiniar) made landfall in the Philippines on May 24, with the province of Leyte experiencing signal number 2 prompting the cancellation of classes. The Dawahon community sources their food mostly from the mainland, a 2-hour boat ride away from the island. For more than 5 days, huge waves and weather conditions made it unsafe to travel – the community calls it “tag-gutom/hunger season” because there’s no food supply being delivered to the island. Dawahon schoolchildren had a lifeline in Thrive meals as their source of their main meal during this time. Vhinz, the Dawahon teacher leading the program shares that the parents are so thankful for Thrive for being their lifesaver during the typhoon.