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When school meals are coupled with education, their lives are transformed. feeds a child for a month

Our Story

Thrive began as a tiny expat start-up; its tremendous growth has come from the faith and generous commitment of the local communities and international supporters.

We were founded by three moms who arrived in Bangladesh in 2012. They saw hungry children and knew they had to help, so they asked the schools in the urban slums what they needed most. The resounding response was food. The moms replied with a promise to deliver bananas to 250 schoolchildren once a week.

Thrive-Bangladesh grew with the unwavering support of a core local leadership team and their friends, family, and others.

With the overwhelmingly positive community response Thrive received, we expanded our meals and the schools we serve.

Our promise continues to grow.

Where We Serve

To Deliver Healthy Food Every Day To Children Who Need It Most.

In Bagladesh, we partner with

12 Schools

Ucchash Bogra 50 Students Apon Alo Rayer Bazar 70 students Biru Dalia School* 230 Students Gulshan Literacy Program Badda* 234 Students Gulshan Literacy Program Badda* 230 Students Jaago Foundation Hobiganj 320 Students Jaago Foundation Korail* 622 Students Mohius Sunnah Mohila 100 Students Madinatul Ulum 100 Students Noor E Farid Nasrine Acadamy Comilla 18 Students Piet Van Near Notun Bazar 120 Students *Sponsored Hamida Memorial School 166 Students

Make More Dreams Come True

schools on our immediate waitlist.

We have over

20 66 million Children Face Daily Hungry. Join us in delivering essential fuel for a better day and a Brighter Future Bangladesh has the highest rate of underweight children in
South Asia.

We Serve Daily Nutrition

Thrive provides
up to
50% of daily nutrition

Who We Serve

Our Bangladesh Corporate and
Organization Supporters

  • Arsalan Consulting
  • Big W
  • Cookups
  • Cotton Club Ltd.
  • Direct Fresh Ltd.
  • Far East Knitting & Dyeing Ltd.
  • Goldman Sachs
  • The Growing Up Club
  • Homebound
  • IFAD
  • Jaago Korail sponsored by
  • Woolworths and Big W
  • Fortunex
  • Reliance Insurance Ltd.
  • North End
  • PRAN
  • Purnava
  • The SAJIDA Foundation
  • Soi 71
  • Dhaka Flow
  • Securex
  • TAO Foundation