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Teaching During A Pandemic

By Rose Blanchard | Advisory Board Member

Due to the rising number of Covid infections, schools still remain closed in Bangladesh. Restrictions have been extended several times and this has generated concern among teachers, particularly those working in schools located in poor areas. Online learning is unrealistic for students living in slums and while efforts have been made to provide educational programs through television and radio, there is no guarantee that all children will be able to access the programs or how much of it is actually absorbed.

The teachers at Piet Van have had to adapt to a new way of teaching which has come with a few challenges. Students must come to school to pick up their lessons and assignments for the week at the same time they pick up their food packs. The teachers also make home visits once a week to check on students and answer any questions regarding their school work. This allows for some face to face time which has been missing for over a year. Now that the rainy season has begun, home visits sometimes have to be rescheduled. But despite this they work tirelessly to make sure the students receive the best education possible given the current situtation.

Extended countrywide Covid-19 restrictions continue to affect many Bangladeshis who are left unable to work and support their families. Food bags provided by Thrive offer tremendous relief to Piet Van students and their families at a time when most struggle to put food on the table. We are so grateful for all the support from our donors! You are not only providing much needed nourishment to some amazing kids. But you are also giving them a chance at a better future.

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