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Summer Learning Success!

By Rose Blanchard | Advisory Board Member

For the 2022/2023 school year, Thrive delivered 111,000 meals to children across four schools in the Philippines. These schools include Dawahon Integrated School (220 students), City Gates Academy Antipolo (128 students), City Gates Bambang (40 students), and City Gates Coron (40 students). Overall, teachers have reported that school attendance has increased by an average of 96% since Thrive first began providing meals to the school children.
In a response to bridge the educational gap caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and Typhoon Rai, the Philippine government initiated the National Learning Camp during the summer break. Dawahon was one of the schools that opted to participate. Therefore, Thrive continued to provide meals in an effort to encourage students to attend the summer classes. Teachers were proud to see students continuing with their education over the summer and they were also pleasantly surprised to learn that the parents were actually encouraging their children to go to school rather than skip and work with the family.

As teacher, Vincent, said, “The children are eager to go to school . . . They are happy . . . and we notice their grades are improving.” This is exactly what inspires Thrive to continue providing healthy meals to school children in need.

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