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SUMMER LEARNING RECAP: When School is the Best Part of Summer

Filipino schoolchildren were hit hard by the delays in learning that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic and Typhoon Rai. In response, the Philippine government initiated the National Learning Camp (NLC) over the summer break, focusing on the core subjects of math, English and science, to help bridge the gap. Thrive supported the NLC program at Dawahon Integrated School with healthy daily meals.  

From Sea Urchins to Textbooks

During the school closures, 13-year-old Fashiba, Dawahon’s Grade 6 Valedictorian, worked hard helping her family clean sea urchins. Each bottle of sea urchin meat earns them around 200 pesos, or about $4. This type of work is common for children during the school break, but it can hurt them when they have to miss school during the year. When Thrive provides food at school, parents are often able to make the decision to send their kids to learn instead of make money. For Fashiba, it means she’s been able to continue her excellent work in the classroom. 


There’s no doubt that combining education with food support makes a significant difference in the lives of our students and their families. When meals are provided at school, children can focus on learning and growing. Teachers have reported that school attendance has increased by a remarkable 96% since Thrive first began providing meals to schoolchildren. In the words of one teacher, “The children are eager to go to school. They are happy, and we notice their grades are improving.”