Milon and his mom live in a one-room house in Dhaka. They share one toilet and two cooking stoves with six other families. His grandparents and auntie live in a village in a tin shed house with a dirt floor and walls made of bamboo. They have electricity, but no gas for cooking. Milon’s mother works as a housekeeper. He feels happy when he gets good grades on his school exams and hopes to become an engineer when he grows up. After school Milon goes to work selling stickers, a job that many kids in Dhaka do to earn money for their families. For fun, Milon likes to watch TV.

Milon’s Favorites
At School: English
Sports Star: Saquib-ul-hasan, a Bangladeshi cricket player
Music: Singer Momtaz
TV Show/Movie: Tom and Jerry
Food: Biryani, a rice dish


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