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Set a Place for Thrive at Your Iftar TableThe holy month of Ramadan holds a special place in our hearts, as many of our Muslim students and their families observe this sacred time. As Muslim families, donors, supporters, and community members embark on a month-long period of fasting, we think about those who face hunger and food insecurity on a daily basis.

Fasting is a choice and a privilege for people who know that a feast awaits at their Iftar table when the sun sets. But those who experience food insecurity must also find ways to fill their table.

Ramadan is a reminder to us to appreciate the blessings Muslims have while presenting an opportunity to share our blessings with those who lack the means to feed their families.
The children of Thrive are full of joy and potential. They dream of growing up and serving their communities, helping their families, and making a meaningful contribution to society. With proper nutrition and hard work, we believe they will succeed.

Ramadan Kareem to all celebrating. We wish you a joyous period of reflection and gratitude, and we ask that you invite Thrive to your Iftar table. Join us in helping to change children’s lives with school meals.