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Noor E. Farid Nasrine Academy is unique among the 17 schools Thrive serves across Bangladesh and the Philippines. Noor was founded by Nasrine Karim, the mother of longtime Thrive supporter and advisor Mishal Karim, as a school for underprivileged boys who’ve lost their parents. The school is located in Comila, Bangladesh, near Dhaka, in the former home of Nasrine’s grandmother.

Curriculum with a Dose of Enrichment

Noor currently educates and houses 18 boys age 8 to 18. The school aims to give the boys the support they need to develop into productive members of society and to achieve whatever dreams they may have. In addition to the academic curriculum, the school emphasizes enrichment opportunities in sports, art, and foreign language.

Brothers and Role Models

The youngest boy, Saim, is 8 years old, and he loves playing hide-and-seek and football. He looks up to the older boys, who are great role models for him. Saim wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Ripon is one of the older boys—his father died from a lack of medication. Ripon is determined to become a doctor one day and be an advocate for the poor, helping people like his dad who don’t have access to adequate medical care. To each other, the boys at Noor are family. Thrive began daily food deliveries to Noor in 2019, and we’re honored to support such an important school.