Rae Siller may be just 10 years old, but she’s already making a huge impact on the world and on Thrive — her BE THE ONE community service organization recently collected and donated 300 bars of soap to help kids in need!

Thrive volunteers bring tubs of soapy water to each Thrive delivery on Smokey Mountain, a landfill consisting of two million tons of waste but, also, a home to the many children we serve.

“I started BE THE ONE with my mom without even realizing it,” said Rae. “Growing up, my mom always instilled in me the value of gratitude and service — that I should not always think about what I can do for myself, but ask myself what I can do for others. She always told me that I can BE THE ONE who can make a difference in one person’s life…or in many lives.” Rae and her mom practice random acts of kindness often, and she loves helping others and making people smile. So she decided to take it a step further and create a group that helps other kids her age to do the same. “I want to inspire my peers just like my mom inspires me. Little things can make a huge impact — I can BE THE ONE and so can you!”

“First, we started washing hands, but quickly realized that since soap was such a luxury here, kids were using it to wash all the way up their arms and more,” says, Marylu Fryberger, Thrive Manila

Rae’s mom showed her photos of kids living on Smokey Mountain who were being helped by Thrive, and she had an idea. “My mom explained to me that they live on a landfill. My heart got a little heavy and it saddened me, thinking about them living in and around trash and all of the germs and sickness that is associated with it…and I had an idea. Soap! They need soap! Then the brainstorming began!”

With some assistance from her dad, Rae contacted the United States Embassy to see if they could help. The United States Embassy Club (USEC) posted flyers for the soap drive, and people started donating soap they collected during hotel stays. “I never imagined we could collect this many bar soaps but I am so happy we did! And now we have 300 bar soaps for Thrive!”

You can find out more about Rae and BE THE ONE on her Facebook page.


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