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DHAKA, Bangladesh, 19 April 2023 – PRAN announced that starting this month, it will ensure every child at the Gulshan Literacy Program (GLP) School in Badda receives weekly milk via Thrive, a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering healthy food to hungry schoolchildren. PRAN’s donation means the nearly 250 GLP students aged 5-18 will continue to enjoy this rich source of calcium and protein as part of their Thrive meal.

“Milk Day is many students’ favorite day of the week. This generous donation from PRAN gives Gulshan students something to look forward to and allows them to reap numerous nutritional benefits,” said Priscilla Heffelfinger, co-founder and executive director of Thrive. “We are so grateful for PRAN’s donation, which is particularly timely given the global increase in the cost of nutritious food.”

Thrive has been bringing daily meals to GLP students since 2017 and serves PRAN milk to that school and nine other Dhaka schools. The fresh milk is brought to schools via Direct Fresh, Thrive’s logistics and delivery partner.

“While PRAN is a multinational corporation, we never forget where we started. Dhaka is our home, and we want to invest in our local community’s most important resource – our children,” said Chowdhury Kamruzzaman, Director of Marketing of PRAN.


Founded in 2012, Thrive’s mission is to deliver healthy food to hungry children in the poorest areas of the world. Thrive partners with schools to provide more than 12,000 meals to schoolchildren each week in Bangladesh and the Philippines. These efforts help improve nutrition, boost school attendance, and increase learning readiness. Just 1000 taka feeds a child a nutritious meal each school day for an entire month. Each meal provides 50% of a child’s daily nutritional needs via seasonal fruits (including Thrive’s signature banana, vegetables, and protein. In the past 10 years, Thrive has delivered more than three million nutritious meals. Thrive relies on the generosity of local and international support from partners, including Direct Fresh Ltd., PRAN, the SAJIDA Foundation, Homebound, Big W, and Far East Knitting and Dyeing LTD. For more information, visit

ABOUT PRAN – PRAN is one of the largest food processing companies in Bangladesh, founded in 1981. To improve livelihood, PRAN promises to develop Bangladesh by creating an agricultural revolution. PRAN has accomplished this by establishing one of the biggest integrated food companies in Bangladesh, making it one of the biggest private employers. PRAN’s products are exported to over 145 countries, earning vital foreign currency and diversifying the national export basket.

For social development, PRAN focuses on these 4 pillars – health, education, environment, and community development. PRAN has established schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.

Moreover, PRAN is engaged in various types of community development, and is always the first to respond during times of distress. For more information, visit

ABOUT GULSHAN LITERACY PROGRAM SCHOOL Gulshan Literacy Program (GLP) Foundation (commonly known as “GLP”) was established by expatriates in 1985. GLP, as a charity concern, provided education to underprivileged children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Foundation integrally relies on private donations to ensure funds go where they are the most needed. The mission of the foundation and its schools is to provide education as a life-changing opportunity for underprivileged street children living in slum areas. GLP is registered with Social Welfare under the Joint Stock Company Act. Mail:


Priscilla Heffelfinger, Thrive Co-founder and Executive Director
WhatsApp: +63 9369373273
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Sadia Moyeen, Thrive Board Member
Tel: +880 1713 032334
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Waseq Daiyan Chowdhury – Sub-assistant Brand Manager – Corporate Brand, PRAN – RFL
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