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SCHOOL FEATURE: Biru Dalia School

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a new school to Thrive’s feeding program! Biru Dalia, located in the rural community of Khalisha Chapani, in Bangladesh, was founded by Nazma Akter and her husband, Harunur Rashid, who believe that education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. The free school empowers children to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Student Life

The students’ parents, who live on the banks of the Tista River, work hard as laborers, rickshaw pullers, housemaids, fishermen, and farmers. In spite of this, poverty casts a shadow over their lives, leaving them unable to meet their children’s basic needs and educational goals.

A Better Future

With the access to nutritious food that Thrive provides, children don’t have to abandon school to start earning, and parents are relieved of some of their financial burdens. When a meal is waiting, kids are more likely to show up for school, ready to learn and work hard. Here’s to a great school year at Biru Dalia!