The families on Smokey Mountain have no running water, so when Thrive brings clean water for drinking and washing up, moms take full advantage of the opportunity.

Today, as Marylu and I climbed Smokey Mountain, we were met with billows of smoke from the charcoal making and waving hands from the neighborhood children eager to help us carry the water and baskets of fruit to the community center. Once at the top, we worried we wouldn’t have enough food when we saw that the line snaked around the corner. It seems each time there are more people to serve. We estimate well over 190 children this week. Fortunately, we used our mother-honed skills and strategically sliced the oranges to ensure everyone got their fair share.

   Before the food distribution, Marylu lead the mother and children in handwashing, which for many kids ends up being a full-on body soak in an effort to rinse away the ash from the charcoal-filled air. It is touching to see a rough-and-tumble, 10-year-old boy reluctant to dip his muddy foot in the water, but within just a few minutes, he’s jumped in — the simple joy of rinsing off in clean water.
   Afterward, we chatted with Chin, an ever-present community member, who helps us hand out the food, to hear about his new work opportunities and what Thrive means to him and the community. See raw footage of Chin’s interview HERE.

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Flash floods have ravaged the north-eastern region of the country. Together with Jaago and Direct Fresh, we have organized a fundraiser on June 24th at Chows (see image for address).
You can also make a donation at (Choose “Emergency Flood Response in Bangladesh”)

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