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Learning And Nutrition In Full Swing!


Raja Aishah | Project Member

Learning and fun have been in full swing for the students and teachers of the Piet Van school. In July, the students and teachers had a lot to celebrate! They celebrated Eid’l Adha and also took a term break during the summer. In August, the students sat for their second-term exams and are now preparing for the upcoming end-of-year exams. Since Piet Van started to take in students at the kindergarten level earlier this year, the school has been filled with even more spirited students that are excited to attend classes, make new friends, and enjoy daily nutritious meals.

At $0.50 per meal per student, your platform has enabled Thrive to provide daily nutrition, which includes seasonal vegetables like guava, dates, cucumber, and everyone’s favorite Thrive food – bananas and eggs! The students also receive milk and popular local snacks like shingara and chana, which contain nutrient-rich vegetables. Jujube is also a part of the menu which is a local fruit packed with vitamin C.

We invite you to continue to share Thrive with your supporters. $10 feeds a child for an entire month. The joy and hope you bring to these children encourage them to go to school every day. With your support, they receive the daily nutrition and brain fuel they need to grow, be healthy, and be ready to learn

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