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Tamanna, a Thrive student from the Korail slums in Bangladesh proves how healthy meals and education can lead to brighter futures for those suffering from malnutrition and childhood hunger.

Food Insecurity
Born in a marginalized community, Tamanna was determined to see the world beyond the Korail slums yet held back by the devastating effects of hunger and food insecurity in her own family. Always a hard worker, she was one of JAAGO’s brightest and most talented students. Beginning in 2012, she began receiving Thrive meals fueling her to regularly attend classes and perform well in school.

A Daily Meal and a Dash of Hope
Consistency and hard work paid off as Tamanna received a fully funded scholarship to study  abroad at United World College, Dilijan, Armenia. “I still cannot believe I am going to study abroad. Since childhood, I have dreamt of traveling the world, learning new things and working hard to achieve that dream. To watch it becoming a reality is truly a moment of joy and pride for me and my family.” said Tamanna.

A Brighter Future
As Tamanna embarks on this new chapter of her life, her goals and ambitions become clear. She is determined to pay forward the opportunities and good fortune working towards the betterment of women in her community.

Watch Tamanna’s story here.
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