Mothers are our backbone — full stop.

Mothers fed and keep feeding our mission that no child goes hungry.

Thrive was SPARKED by 3 mothers who saw children begging in the streets and couldn’t
turn away. And, Thrive GREW from mothers (and mother-figures) who continually show
up and jump in to feed EVEN more!

This month, in reflection of mother’s day in May, we are taking a moment to honor all of
the incredible mothers who make up our Thrive community.

The givers — who put heart into action — who pair care with conviction and commit with
compassion. Those who believe every meal makes a difference.

Rose Blanchard, a mother of 3, a core Thrive instigator, and a Advisory Council member –
shared how Thrive and motherhood meld.

Motherhood is a never-ending adventure and the toughest job you will ever do. It can feel
overwhelming and terrifying at times, but it can be just as wondrous and beautiful.
Sometimes you will feel unsure of what you’re doing because you’re afraid of making a
mistake. But the best and most important thing we can do is love them and help
them grow into good human beings.

For me, this extends to all the kids Thrive currently supports. We have watched them
grow over the years, and it is so heartwarming and rewarding to see how much they
enjoy going to school and to also learn their hopes and dreams for the future. Just as if
they were our own kids, we want them to succeed and to be happy.

Even through all the hardships, these kids have endured, they show up to school with a
smile on their face, determined to create a better life for themselves. I would like to think
Thrive has played a small part in this, and that fills my heart with so much love.

We are excited to show you a video (see below) of Thrive mothers sharing the impact of
the monthly food pack you support.

We are grateful to each of you.

With love and light,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder