“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” –
Winston Churchhill
Summer is typically a quieter time for Thrive — schools are closed, and
many volunteers are away. We usually spend this time making plans for
the school year ahead — looking at nutritional menu ideas, budgeting for
adding schools from our waitlist and taking a much-relished breath before
launching good forward. Not this year.

Hunger didn’t stop. It grew..

The countries we feed: Bangladesh and the Philippines, remain on
lockdown. These lockdowns hit the poor particularly hard. Many have lost
their daily wages and lack technology (smartphones or the internet) to
streamline learning. The need for survival basics — food and water are
at an all-time high, and education has taken a back seat.

So together, we have rallied to keep meals coming to children and their
families in need. Not only does the food keep them alive, but it also serves
as an incentive to pick up and return written homework assignments with
their teachers.

With your help, nutrition and education happen. You offer hope.
Gratitude follows.

With love and light,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder