In memory of her Uncle Tarik (left), Mira Haurani, donated her birthday to Thrive and raised $845 from her friends and family.

Throughout the year, the work of Thrive inspires people around the globe to donate their birthday to the children we serve.  This past week, Mira Haurani (newly ten), of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, did just that and raised over $800.  That’s over 1600 meals.

In lieu of birthday gifts, Mira asked her friends to donate to Thrive in memory of her late uncle, Tarik Ibrahim, MS MD, an accomplished neurosurgeon.  Tarik was humbly known as “Dr. Love” for his love and compassion of his patients and colleagues, alike.  His warm smile, caring heart, and affectionate demeanor were felt by everyone who met him. A testament to his character, Tarik’s true passion was helping those less fortunate as well as mankind, in general. His zeal for life and his love for humankind was above all else exemplified in his love for his nieces, Mira, Eva, and Amalie and nephews Nadeem and Malek.

When we asked Mira how she felt about the amount of money she raised, she replied, “Taco (Tarik’s nickname given to him by Mira) would be so happy that my friends and I raised money to feed hungry children. I am so proud of my friends.”

If you, too, would like to donate your birthday to us, send your friends and family to our page and have them leave us a message in the donation process. We will alert you of all donations made in your name so you can keep track of the difference you are making in the lives of the many children who rely on Thrive for nutrition every day.

🚨 #Bangladesh needs our help!

Flash floods have ravaged the north-eastern region of the country. Together with Jaago and Direct Fresh, we have organized a fundraiser on June 24th at Chows (see image for address).
You can also make a donation at (Choose “Emergency Flood Response in Bangladesh”)

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