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Lessons in Dirt
When you work with great partners, you come up with great ideas! This school year on Dawahon, we embarked on a fun, educational, hands-on project with the schoolchildren to plant, grow, harvest, and enjoy fresh produce. Because Dawahon lacks proper soil for planting, residents are unable to grow their own food. The solution? We got creative!

Students Leading the Way
With help from our friends at Woolworths, Thrive volunteers met with students in August to start planning. Students decided to grow eggplant, spinach, and tomatoes—some of their favorite vegetables. First, healthy soil was imported from the mainland. Next, students made their own planters using recycled soda bottles from the island, reusing and reducing waste. The handmade pots were whimsical yet sturdy, as unique as each of the students.

Seeds of Hope
The kids loved the hands-on project and are eagerly awaiting the next steps: harvesting and, most importantly, eating the fruits of their labor.

Stay tuned for more updates from the garden project!