foodMATTERS July / August 2021

foodMATTERS July / August 2021

You bring joy-full stop. Your support, whether time or a donation, directly impacts others. Your gift puts food on tables where it is needed. Without you, hunger is a daily reality for many. We thank you for doing good and giving hope.

Thrive is excited to share more ways for you to jump into the community.

We are gearing up for the 2nd annual World Food Run, our virtual fitness challenge for the month of October. Lace up your shoes and get your team ready to beat hunger, one mile at a time — join the fun!

We have launched ThriveCooks with opportunities for virtual cooking classes to add recipes to your repertoire while benefitting Thrive. Want to offer a class or know someone who might? — please share with us!

Looking forward to seeing you with your apron on and/or your running shoes tied — let the fun for feed begin!

With gratitude,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder

Have you heard? Registration is now open for the World Food Run Fitness Challenge!

Are you a chef, baker or home cook interested in sharing your culinary talents with others? You can create your very own ThriveCooks virtual cooking class with tickets going toward feeding hungry kids. Contact [email protected] for more information today!

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Click here to JOIN the group of change makers in theFEED. We need YOU to help children Thrive!

Executive Committee
Gina Gabel, Co-Founder, President
Amna Rahman, Vice President
Rich Watson, Treasurer
Kanwal Bhagat, Secretary
Shannon Young, Strategic Growth
Arsalan Ali
Rebecca Arnold
Priscilla Heffelfinger
Sadia Moyeen
Bangladesh Trust
Amna Rahman, Chair
Arsalan Ali, Vice-Chair
Senior Advisor: Sadia Moyeen
Advisory Council
Senior Advisor: Mishal Karim
Zulfikar Ali
Rose Blanchard
Cristina Imperial Carl
Louie Gabel
Leni Hester
Shelley King
Joe Labriola
Debbie Pfeifer
Farhan Rahman
Archana Raj
Dana Zarzycki
Priscilla Heffelfinger, Co-Founder, CEO
Adele Millard, Creative Director
Amanda Pierce, COO, PH Operations
Sharmin Akhi, BD Operations Manager
Thrive is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization and a Bangladesh Registered Trust
with an international board and advisory council.
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foodMATTERS June 2021

foodMATTERS June 2021

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” –
Winston Churchhill
Summer is typically a quieter time for Thrive — schools are closed, and
many volunteers are away. We usually spend this time making plans for
the school year ahead — looking at nutritional menu ideas, budgeting for
adding schools from our waitlist and taking a much-relished breath before
launching good forward. Not this year.

Hunger didn’t stop. It grew..

The countries we feed: Bangladesh and the Philippines, remain on
lockdown. These lockdowns hit the poor particularly hard. Many have lost
their daily wages and lack technology (smartphones or the internet) to
streamline learning. The need for survival basics — food and water are
at an all-time high, and education has taken a back seat.

So together, we have rallied to keep meals coming to children and their
families in need. Not only does the food keep them alive, but it also serves
as an incentive to pick up and return written homework assignments with
their teachers.

With your help, nutrition and education happen. You offer hope.
Gratitude follows.

With love and light,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder

foodMATTERS May 2021

foodMATTERS May 2021

Mothers are our backbone — full stop.

Mothers fed and keep feeding our mission that no child goes hungry.

Thrive was SPARKED by 3 mothers who saw children begging in the streets and couldn’t
turn away. And, Thrive GREW from mothers (and mother-figures) who continually show
up and jump in to feed EVEN more!

This month, in reflection of mother’s day in May, we are taking a moment to honor all of
the incredible mothers who make up our Thrive community.

The givers — who put heart into action — who pair care with conviction and commit with
compassion. Those who believe every meal makes a difference.

Rose Blanchard, a mother of 3, a core Thrive instigator, and a Advisory Council member –
shared how Thrive and motherhood meld.

Motherhood is a never-ending adventure and the toughest job you will ever do. It can feel
overwhelming and terrifying at times, but it can be just as wondrous and beautiful.
Sometimes you will feel unsure of what you’re doing because you’re afraid of making a
mistake. But the best and most important thing we can do is love them and help
them grow into good human beings.

For me, this extends to all the kids Thrive currently supports. We have watched them
grow over the years, and it is so heartwarming and rewarding to see how much they
enjoy going to school and to also learn their hopes and dreams for the future. Just as if
they were our own kids, we want them to succeed and to be happy.

Even through all the hardships, these kids have endured, they show up to school with a
smile on their face, determined to create a better life for themselves. I would like to think
Thrive has played a small part in this, and that fills my heart with so much love.

We are excited to show you a video (see below) of Thrive mothers sharing the impact of
the monthly food pack you support.

We are grateful to each of you.

With love and light,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder

foodMATTERS April 2021

Last year, the world began to spin out of control. You grounded it by committing to feed those who needed it most—giving others a simple meal — direct relief.

Since then, hunger pains grew exponentially, with up to 25% more families facing daily food scarcity.

In record numbers, you didn’t look away this Ramadan season but took real action to feed more.

You gave. You invited others. You gave more.

Collectively, 1,658 children and their families received special monthly food packs. 39 Ramadan donors made this happen, including our youngest donor, who is just 4 years old!

Big numbers often blur the human impact. Real-life stories of a few Thrive partner school children and their families share a glimpse into the direct relief your gift has on their lives. You put food on the family table of those without each and every day.

With love and light,

Thrive CEO, Co-founder


88% of April funds came from INDIVIDUALS
102 Donors in April, a Total of 369 in 2021, so far!
28 NEW Donors


39 members of theFEED
Contribute to 7% for the month,
average gift is $60 a month!
Join + Share theFEED


Tumpa and her family of five are literally living off of Thrive’s monthly food packs. When it runs out, they look for food from their neighbors.

Tumpa lives with her mother, brother, sister, aunt, and her brother’s son. Her father died of cancer when she was just one year old.

Covid-19 has left her family without work. Her mother had been housekeeper but no one is allowing her into their homes with fear of pandemic and her older brother is intellectually challenged and unable to work.

Tumpa shared she loves the food packs, especially the rice and daal. She wishes we could increase the packs to ensure they have enough to get through the entire month.


Riyadh lives with his 5 family members.
Before Covid-19, his father was a rickshaw
puller and sold Jhalmuri (a Bengali street
snack) but lost all work until recently and is
now back as a rickshaw puller.

Riyadh’s family looks forward to the Thrive
monthly food packs. He’s love it if we added
meat (protein now is daal and eggs).

Amen says that without Thrive’s monthly food
pack, his family wouldn’t have food to eat. He likes
eggs and milk, and he looks forward to a treat of
semai finni (fruit, milk, and sugar)!

Amen lives three family members. He cares a lot
about the youngest member of the family and is
so thankful for Thrive making sure they are fed.

As a side note, we just heard that Amen has just broken his leg. Please send good wishes for
securing affordable treatment and a speedy

Our team of volunteers has been growing in the Philippines! We were able to go to
Smokey Mountain twice a week consistently because of the growing team and the
dedication to feeding the community.

With it being the hot season in Manila, water is more important than ever. We are
bringing refreshing apples or oranges to provide nutrition and much-needed
hydration for the kids.

15,000 HOT MEALS
Over 1.1 million Rohingya people live in the Balukhali refugee camp in Cox’s
Bazar, Bangladesh. The fire killed over a dozen people, injured thousands, and
displaced over 50,000. Many buildings, including school and food storage
facilities, were destroyed.
Rajob is 12. His family dwelling
caught fire while they were asleep. In
less than an hour, their entire
belonging, including their meager
savings, went up in flames.

Rajob lives with his mother and sister
in Balukhali camp. He lost his father
during the influx.

Muhib and his family have lived in the
camp since 2019. He shares a small
shelter with six others. The fire took
their home and all they had.
Jafar lost his parents and now lives
with his two uncles and grandmother
in the camp. He loves school! It has
been his place of solace and
belonging, but the fire took his
learning center and home.
For $15/1300BDT a family will receive a month’s worth of healthy food. Click here to JOIN the group of change makers in theFEED
We need you
to help children
Monthly donors are the backbone of our work. Their ongoing support allows us to plan forward. Join the collective and dive into a community of amazing folks. For $15/1300BDT monthly, a family will receive a month’s worth of healthy food each month.
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Bangladesh Trust
Amna Rahman, Chair, Educator, Bangladesh
Arsalan Ali, Vice-Chair, Managing Director & Entrepreneur,
Senior Advisor: Sadia Moyeen, Business Owner, Bangladesh
Executive Committee
Gina Gabel, Co-Founder, President, Educator, US
Amna Rahman, Vice President, Educator, Bangladesh
Rich Watson, Treasurer, COO NGO, US
Kanwal Bhagat, Secretary, Wellness Entrepreneur, Bangladesh/
Shannon Young, Strategic Growth, Foreign Service Officer –
Population Health & Nutrition, US/Tanzania
Arsalan Ali, Managing Director & Entrepreneur, Bangladesh
Rebecca Arnold, Development Manager NGO, US
Priscilla Heffelfinger, Co-Founder, CEO, US/Philippines
Sadia Moyeen, Business Owner, Bangladesh
Advisory Council
Senior Advisor: Mishal Karim, Managing Director & Entrepreneur,
Zulfikar Ali, Managing Director & Entrepreneur, Bangladesh
Rose Blanchard, Public Health Professional, US/Dubai
Cristina Imperial Carl, CEO Business Organization, Philippines
Louie Gabel, Attorney, US
Leni Hester, Photographer, US
Shelley King, Tech Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant, US
Joe Labriola, Executive Director NGO, US
Debbie Pfeifer, Communications Consultant, US
Farhan Rahman, Tech Entrepreneur, Bangladesh
Archana Raj, Apparel Entrepreneur, Bangladesh/India
Dana Zarzycki, Photographer & Development Director, US
Priscilla Heffelfinger, Co-Founder, CEO, US/Thailand
Adele Millard, Creative Director, US/Croatia
Amanda Pierce, COO, PH Operations US/Philippines
Sharmin Akhi, BD Operations Manager, Bangladesh

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Schools & Organizations

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Flash floods have ravaged the north-eastern region of the country. Together with Jaago and Direct Fresh, we have organized a fundraiser on June 24th at Chows (see image for address).
You can also make a donation at (Choose “Emergency Flood Response in Bangladesh”)

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