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Sari Suplido Joins Thrive Global as Social Media and Video Editor

We are thrilled to announce Sari Suplido as the new Social Media and Video Editor at Thrive Global. Sari brings a creative vision and extensive experience in digital media, which will be invaluable in sharing our mission and stories.

Thrive Joins Sir John Wilson School’s Carnival to Support Hungry Children

Thrive recently participated in Sir John Wilson School’s Carnival, where the generosity of students and their families will help provide nutritious school meals to children in Bangladesh. Special thanks to Sabrina Shaheed for granting us a carnival stall, which was key to our success.

Thrive Celebrates Mango Season in the Philippines and Bangladesh

It’s mango season in the Philippines and Bangladesh, and Thrive is excited to incorporate this delicious, nutritious fruit into our school meal program. Mangoes are not only a seasonal treat but also packed with vitamins and minerals essential for growing children.

Griffin Perry Joins Thrive Global as Board Treasurer

We are excited to announce Griffin Perry as our new Board Treasurer at Thrive Global. Griffin brings extensive financial expertise and a strong commitment to our mission of feeding hungry schoolchildren.

Monica Casperino Appointed Development Director of Thrive Philippines

We are delighted to announce Monica Casperino as the new Development Director of Thrive Philippines. Her dedication to improving children’s lives aligns perfectly with Thrive’s goals, and we are excited to see the positive changes she will bring.

Eli Pajarito Appointed Operations Manager of Thrive Philippines

We are excited to announce Eli Pajarito as the new Operations Manager for Thrive Philippines. Eli brings extensive experience in operations management and a deep commitment to our mission of feeding hungry schoolchildren.

Mother’s Day: Give Milk instead of flowers
This Mother’s Day, let’s honor moms with a gift that truly matters. Instead of flowers, consider donating to Thrive Global to provide milk for children in need. Your contribution not only nourishes their bodies but also touches the hearts of families struggling with hunger!

Meet the mothers of Thrive here.

Father’s Day: PaperMoon Cakes Promo
A delicious partnership with PaperMoon celebrating dads on Father’s Day, donating a portion of their top-selling cakes to feeding hungry schoolchildren.

World Hunger Day: Head Over Meals
A month-long effort in May to raise awareness for World Hunger Day, partnering with Manila-based restaurants to help feed Filipino schoolchildren.

A Ramadan to Remember
Thrive’s annual Ramadan campaign asks that those celebrating, set a place for Thrive at their Iftar table to share their blessings with those less fortunate.

Mother’s Day: Give Milk Not Flowers
Thrive’s annual Mother’s Day campaign, invites those to give milk over flowers.

World Food Run Pop-Up
Raising awareness for World Food Day in October, Thrive’s virtual World Food Run is peer to peer fundraiser encouraging whole family involvement.

World Food Run

A nutritious meal is life-saving for kids in poverty-stricken communities. Help us restore hope and ensure no child goes to school hungry in 2023. Join theFEED, our community of monthly donors! ​​​​​​​​