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After 18 months of closure due to Covid lockdown, schools across Bangladesh have finally reopened. Students are once again back to in-person learning which to many families is a huge relief considering the challenges they faced with remote learning due to lack of a device or internet connection. Covid-19 protocols set by the Bangladeshi government will be enforced to ensure the health and safety of the students.

Bangladesh Schools Reopen!
The students of Piet Van are so thrilled to be back in school with their fellow classmates and teachers. Many of them expressed how much they missed social interaction and learning in person. Zahid from Grade 3 says, “I am very happy to get back to school after Covid. My favorite subject is Bangla and my favorite Thrive food is apple.” Suraiya, age 10, is also very glad to be back in the classroom. “My favorite subject is English.” She particularly enjoys receiving malta oranges from Thrive. These green fruits are rich in Vitamin C and the kids love them!

Seeing all 120 students return to Piet Van brings a lot of joy but also a sense of relief. During lockdown Bangladesh has witnessed a significant increase in child labor and child marriage. Because of cut wages or unemployment, parents have had to send their children to work forcing them to drop out of school. Girls have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic as many families have married off their daughters in order to ease financial burdens. Often times the girls never return to school. We at Thrive feel fortunate knowing all the boys and girls at Piet Van have been given the opportunity to return to school and pursue their education. The support from all our donors allows us to provide the proper nutrition these children need in order to continue on a path to a brighter future.

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