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A New Way Of Learning

By Rose Blanchard | Advisory Board Member

Schools remain closed in Bangladesh and while the government previously announced reopening in November, there are concerns about another wave of the coronavirus. Until schools can welcome students again, teachers have had to find alternative ways to continue their lesson plans.

Currently, the dedicated teachers at Piet Van are working tirelessly to prepare Grade 5 students for their exam which will be held during the first week of November. Like many children in Dhaka, the students of Piet Van do not have computers or access to internet which means online learning is not an option. Therefore, when parents visit the school to pick up their bag of dry food items, they also receive their child’s school assignments and return homework assignments from the previous food pick-up. This has proven to be a successful way to ensure students continue their education as well as receive the nutrition they desperately need. During each pick up the parents, many of whom are still unemployed or have reduced salaries, are regularly reminded of the importance of hand washing and mask wearing.

The students often talk to their teachers about the struggles their families are facing which mostly evolve around finances. Ongoing unemployment and reduced salaries have made it impossible for parents to provide enough food or pay rent. With your generous support Thrive has been able to help these families the best way we know how and we will always be grateful.

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